Sunday School

Divine Shepherd Lutheran Church Sunday School

This year, in celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation, we are focusing on the six chief parts of the Small Catechism (Ten Commandments, Apostles' Creed, Lord's Prayer, Holy Baptism, Confession and Absolution, and the Lord's Supper) and on Martin Luther's hymns. Your children will be immersed in Luther's works and will be given a weekly devotion for a quick, easy, and impactful family devotions. Every month your children will be singing our beloved catechism and the best Martin Luther hymns, which we hope you will play at home, in the car, or anywhere.



Home Agenda (~10-20 minutes)

Sunday Agenda (Starting August 27, 2017)

** Adult and Teens are encouraged to join Bible Study in Luther Hall with Pastor Mumme.

Date Bible Story Book
9/9/2018 The Birth of Moses Exodus 1–2 98
9/16/2018 Moses and the Burning Bush Exodus 2–4 101
9/23/2018 Moses and the Plagues Exodus 5–10 104
9/30/2018 The Passover Exodus 11–13 107
10/7/2018 Crossing the Red Sea Exodus 14–15 110
10/14/2018 God Provides Quail and Manna Exodus 16 115
10/21/2018 The Ten Commandments Exodus 19–20 117
10/28/2018 The Ways of God Exodus 33–34; 40 121

Sunday School Choir Songs

  • Sunday, May 20 (Pentecost)
    • LSB 497
    • Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord
    • stanza 1
  • Sunday, June 10
    • LSB 954
    • We All Believe in One True God
    • stanza 1

There is no greater gift you can give your children than to bring them to the Divine Service and Sunday School on the Lord's Day. Here they will receive Christ's good gifts, learn to sing and pray, dive into God's Word as a lamp to their feet and a light to their path, and get to know other kids who share their same faith in Jesus. As our gracious Lord is here in His house with heavenly blessings, there really is no better place to be.